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Protecting the human rights of migrants in a time of fear

The United Nations has a chance this September to move migration discussions past the migrant/refugee divide and to re-focus on the vulnerability of all people who move. Will it take it?

On 19 September 2016, the international community will have an historic opportunity to debate the complex and multifaceted issues related to “large movements of refugees and migrants” in a high-level United Nations summit. The member states of the United Nations have rarely agreed at the highest level that migration is a suitable subject for formal, multilateral discussions. Instead the issue has been relegated to ‘non-binding’, ‘voluntary’, ‘informal’, or ‘state-led’ processes outside United Nations auspices, where a series of confidence-building measures on migration, often linked with development, have straggled on for years.

Local And Federal Police Visit Activist Homes Asking Questions Ahead Of Ohio RNC

Isn’t it wonderful when police knock on your door asking what your activism plans for the Republican National Convention are? That’s exactly what’s happening in Cleveland, where officers are going door-to-door probing activists and organizers. Such revelations beg questions on the use of police for surveillance of legal political activities especially in 2016’s election.

With Cleveland Ohio expecting an estimated 50,000 visitors for the Republican National Convention (RNC), preparations surely are needed. Many community organizers, however, shuttered after sleeping bags and soapboxes were banned at 2016’s RNC. Interestingly, Intercept reports, officials didn’t ban firearms, despite a recent attempt on Donald Trump’s life. Trump rallies, in particular, are known for their volatile nature, and acts of exclusion and violence are regular. RNC’s bans don’t account for these elements of the convention’s population.