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Imprisoned Civil Rights Activist Released After 65-Day Hunger Strike—With a Catch

Azeri rights advocate Morteza Moradpour has been hospitalized in Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province, while he recovers from the 65-day hunger strike that led to his conditional release from prison. However, his legal battle is far from over because his release order requires him to report back to prison every night.

“The decision by the Tabriz judicial officials to release Morteza under Article 7 occurred because they wanted to show that they had not surrendered to his legitimate demands and didn’t care about his hunger strike,” his brother, Fardin Moradpour, told the Campaign for Human Rights in Iran.

Morteza Moradpour was conditionally released on December 29, 2016 under Article 7 of Iran’s Prison Organization’s Procedural Regulations, which is normally applied to prisoners who have been authorized to work outside of prison in the day as long as they return to prison every night.