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Breastfeeding for the apocalypse

(CorporateKnights) – To say that Lourdes Santaballa of Puerto Rico was lucky is an understatement. When Hurricane Maria hit the Caribbean archipelago on September 20, Santaballa, single mom to an 11-year-old daughter and nine-year-old son, was hunkered down at home…

Tradecraft: The emergency two-way radio

(TFC) – A long-running debate was settled yesterday when a former Special Forces communication sergeant weighed in on what was needed in an emergency radio. The Fifth Column had our own list of requirements. It needed to be affordable, portable, have…

What Does Maduro’s New State of Emergency Mean for Venezuela?

Last Friday, May 13, the President of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro signed a new decree establishing an economic emergency that extended the original decree made in January 2016, but which included something called a “state of exception” this time around.

The state of exception is intended to allow the government to take “exceptional” measures to control the country’s crisis, as well as to protect the Venezuelan people from whatever the government may consider a threat. But it’s still not clear what Maduro is going to do with such tremendous power.

What exactly is a state of exception and what does it allow Maduro to do?

Known also as a “restriction of constitutional gaurentees,” Professor of Administrative Law José Ignacio Hernández said he expects the new decree to restrict non-economic rights. In particular, freedom of movement, peaceful protest and freedom of speech. He now has the ability to sidestep the National Assembly, and there’s not reason to think that he won’t.

Tradecraft: The Bug Out Bag

A “bug out bag” is a collection of supplies and equipment that is prepacked and ready to go in case you need to evacuate the area in which you live. If a natural or man-made disaster strikes, it would be…