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It is still naive to think that the relationship between the U.S. and Cuba are now on a nice glideslope with respect to trade and tourism between the two countries. Similar naive assumptions were made regarding Russia, thinking that after the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia would naturally take its place in the community of nations. Things did not really pan out that way.

While Cuba is opening its door to the free world, there is still a long way to go and a lot of work to be done. Cuba refused humanitarian assistance from the Archdiocese of Miami to aid victims of Hurricane Matthew rebuilding in Eastern Cuba, while accepting aid from Japan. Flights to Cuba on American carriers are half full. And American businesses report they are still preparing to do business with Cuba, not actually doing business. Cuba’s economic growth remains slow, with Venezuelan subsidies decreasing and the “peace dividend” from improved relations with the U.S. hasn’t happened yet. The U.S. – Cuba relationship is not a full blown one yet in the economic, diplomatic, or cultural sense, the lifting of the limit on Cuban cigars notwithstanding.

Economic Growth in Italy an ‘Impossible Task’ Unless Euro is Abandoned

An Italian decision to leave the eurozone could help keep the country’s economy afloat, Claudio Borghi, a member of the Italian political party Lega Nord, told Sputnik.
In an interview with Sputnik, Claudio Borghi, an economics expert affiliated with the Italian political party Lega Nord (Northern League), said that by leaving the Eurozone, Italy could boost its economy considerably.

The interview came as many politicians in Europe have voiced support for the idea of leaving the Eurozone to regain economic sovereignty, something that does not necessarily imply withdrawal from the EU.