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Federal Marijuana Laws Reek of Hy-Pot-Crisy

Cannabis is considered dangerous until proven safe, while known toxins like asbestos are still legal.

For a few brief months, it looked like America might take a step closer to sanity. And then came the news: the Obama administration will not loosen federal restrictions on marijuana after all.

Before delving into the issue of marijuana, consider its two fellow “gateway drugs:” alcohol and tobacco. Aside from the potential benefits from drinking a glass of red wine, neither one is good for you.

Venezuela: Maduro Promotes General Accused of Drug Trafficking in US to Minister

Major General Nestor Luis Reverol, who was in charge of the National Anti-Drug Organization (ONA) in Venezuela, is officially a fugitive from US justice, according to New York’s Eastern District Federal Court in Brooklyn.

Reverol, who was appointed on Tuesday, August 2 as Interior Minister of Justice and Peace by President Nicolás Maduro, has been charged by the United States with crimes related to his participation in drug trafficking.