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FOX25 catches Massachusetts State Police abusing suspect on camera and quickly zoom out

A high-speed chase that ended with police abuse was caught on camera by FOX25 in New Hampshire, Massachusetts. Shockingly, as soon as the police abuse started FOX25 had their camera operator from the helicopter zoom out, stating the officers were “incorporating the arrest right here.”

50-year-old Richard Simone of Worcester was the man behind the pursuit. FOX25 reported that Simone was taken into custody after a “physical confrontation.” A bit of an understatement when you see the footage they did get before trying to cover it up.

White Supremacist groups are coming together to fight the “Race War”!

In late April, a meeting occurred that went under the radars of mainstream media. The results of the meeting were ten white supremacy groups signing a pact, with claims several others are not far behind.

The agreement between the groups comes at a time where racial tension is still high in the country, but these white supremacy groups say that they are done with the internal battles that have been prevalent among the different groups.

Many see the various white nationalist groups and consider them to all be one and the same. However, this could not be further from the truth. Their differences can range from significant issues, to what appears to be quite trivial issues from an outsider’s perspective. Nevertheless, these differences have caused there to be internal fighting among the different groups throughout the years. Fighting that will no longer be tolerated, according to the National Socialist Movement Commander Jeff Schoep.