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Down and out in Crimea


Crimea (OpenDemocracy) – Three years after Russia’s annexation of Crimea, social inequality is on the rise across the peninsula – and it seems that honest work doesn’t pay. This month, Russia marked the third anniversary of its seizure and annexation of…

Crimea: peninsula of torture


Crimea (OpenDemocracy) – Three years on from Crimea’s annexation by Russia, brutal torture is being used to scare the peninsula into silence and submission. Three years on since the Russian authorities took control of Crimea, Russian security forces’ actions on the…

Ukraine: TV Channel Ordered Banned

Ukraine (HRW) – Drop Ban, End Media Restrictions. An order from Ukrainian authorities banning the Russian independent television channel Dozhd TV (TV Rain) from broadcasting on Ukrainian cable networks violates freedom of expression and should be revoked, Human Rights Watch said…

US Special Forces Moved To Lithuania To ‘Combat Russian Aggression’

The New York Times reported on Sunday that US special forces have been deployed in a number of Baltic states in order to ‘counter possible Russian aggression’ and ‘shadowy efforts’ by Moscow to destabilize the region.

This announcement comes amid a tour of Eastern Europe by several prominent US politicians, led by none other than notorious war hawks, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham. The tour reached a peak over New Year’s weekend with McCain making an appearance with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in the war ravaged Donbas region.

New York Times Continues Lying About Ukraine

The New York Times’s hiding — for nearly three years after this massively important historical event — the U.S.-imposed bloody coup that occurred in Ukraine during February 2014, makes the Times’s hiding of it from the public, become by now no longer merely egregious ‘news’-reporting, but finally lying about history: it’s an egregious lie about a major event of recent world history — a worse lie as each year passes without the Times’s acknowledgment that they had been hiding it from their readers, all along; hiding the news, until it became history — a lie which is harder to extricate themselves from, as each year passes and as this event becomes more and more important, because it accumulates more and more consequences, all of which are bad.

So: when will the NYT finally come out publicly acknowledging that the coup existed — that it was a «coup», and no ‘revolution’ (such as they’ve falsely claimed it to have been, and still refer to it)? Will it remain unstated (to have been a coup), until decades later?

Crimea: freedom of speech turns to freedom of silence

Crimea has had no independent media for two and a half years now — a Crimean journalist speaks about the situation on condition of anonymity.

The author, a Crimean journalist, has requested that we publish this article anonymously.

In March 2014, after the referendum on Crimea’s “unification” with Russia that was not recognised beyond the latter’s borders, Ukrainian legislation was gradually squeezed out by Russian law. The official transition period was supposed to end on 1 January 2015, but there were exceptions in some areas. Free registration for Crimea’s media companies by Russian media watchdog Roskomnadzor was, for example, extended to 1 April of that year. Crimean media could effectively continue to function up until then, but many found their access to government bodies already closed and officials refusing to talk to them.

US-Turkey Annex Syrian Territory… With Crimea Double Think

How could we so easily forget the A-word? For over two years, Russia has been berated non-stop by Western states over its alleged «annexation» of Ukrainian territory. Over and over, we have been browbeaten with a media mantra deploring the crime of foreign annexation, supposedly perpetrated by Russia when the Ukrainian southern peninsula of Crimea seceded in March 2014.

Never mind the fact that the people of Crimea voted overwhelmingly in a referendum to re-join their historic motherland in the Russian Federation. Western focus instead has sought to define that development as an illegal annexation. Reading any Western media news outlet today one will be informed as a seeming matter of unerring fact that Russia «annexed» Crimea. Other credible perspectives over Crimea are airbrushed from discussion.

Three Big Lies that Pervade America’s ‘News’ Media

(This news-report is being submitted to virtually all U.S. national ‘news’ media, almost all of which are the very same ‘news’ media that hide these historical truths, which facts thus remain as «news» in America, since they still haven’t yet been reported as «news», even though they’ve now become history — history that’s suppressed in America.)

The Big Lies that pervade the U.S. ‘news’ media are the ones that are essential to sustain in order for the deceived American public to accept the fraudulent basis upon which the U.S. regime of Barack Obama has ‘justified’ his economic sanctions against Russia, and his pouring of U.S. troops and weapons onto and near Russia’s borders:

Here’s Why Google Maps Changed Some Town Names in Crimea—And Is Now Changing Them Back

On July 27 Internet giant Google renamed a number of towns, villages, and settlements in Crimea—a peninsula in Ukraine that has been under Russian control since early 2014—on their Google Maps service. The change came after the Ukrainian parliament altered the names of 70 geographic locations in Crimea in accordance with its “decommunization” campaign in May 2016.

Users of the Russian and Ukrainian versions of Google Maps noticed the differences immediately. For instance, according to a report by Meduza news website, the town of Krasnoperekopsk became “Yany Kapu,” Sovetskoe turned into “Ichki,” and Kirovskoe was changed to “Islyam-Terek.” Many of the new names have Crimean Tatar origin or other historic roots, replacing the Soviet-era variants.