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Innocent British businessman Kris Maharaj marks three decades in US jail

British businessman Krishna ‘Kris’ Maharaj was arrested in Florida 30 years ago this Sunday (16 October 1986) and sentenced to death the following year. He has now spent three decades in prison, despite compelling evidence of his innocence and poor health.

Mr Maharaj, now 77, was handed a death sentence in Miami in 1987 for his alleged role in the murders of Derrick and Duane Moo Young.

However, since then three former drug cartel operatives and a CIA informant have admitted that the murders were carried out by the Medellín cartel on the orders of Pablo Escobar, who thought the Moo Youngs were cheating him. In addition, leaked evidence, suppressed by the US government, has shown that the Moo Youngs were laundering money for Colombian drug cartels to the tune of five billion dollars.

Colombian Courts Greenlight Controversial FARC Peace Referendum

Colombia’s Constitutional Court Issues Regulations for Yes/No Vote on Guerilla Peace Talks

The Constitutional Court of Colombia — in charge of constitutional revision to laws and public initiatives — approved the FARC peace process referendum July 18.

Magistrate Luis Ernesto Vargas wrote a positive opinion draft of the referendum, meaning that after studying the proposal, he told the other eight justices the referendum was in accordance with the Colombian legal system.

Afterward, there was a debate in which the approval of the referendum being yes/no — a 7-2 decision.