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Yemen: Saudis Using US Cluster Munitions

Saudi Arabia has used US-made cluster munitions near civilian areas inYemen, leaving behind unexploded submunitions, Human Rights Watch said today. TheUnited States should cease its production and transfer of cluster munitions to conform with the widely accepted international ban on the weapons.

US export rules that rely on weapon reliability standards have not prevented the sale of cluster munitions to Saudi Arabia, putting civilians at long-term risk, Human Rights Watch said. Cluster munitions are prohibited by a 2008 treaty signed by 119 countries, though not Saudi Arabia, Yemen, or the US.

“The US has sold Saudi Arabia cluster munitions, a weapon most countries have rejected due to the harm they cause civilians,” said Steve Goose, arms director at Human Rights Watch and chair of the Cluster Munition Coalition, the international coalition of groups working to eradicate cluster munitions. “Saudi Arabia should stop using cluster munitions in Yemen or anywhere else, and the US should stop producing and exporting them.”