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Peace Walks across all of Ghana

Civil society in Ghana has mobilised in large numbers to ensure that the 7th December elections will be fair and peaceful. Faith-based organisations, local NGOs, women’s groups, artists, sportspeople, and prominent Ghanaians have stood up to promote peace and solidarity in Ghana. This popular peace movement is not partisan and does not carry political messages – it is a celebration of democracy.

The Embassy of Denmark supports the work of the Christian Council of Ghana and the Office of the National Chief Imam. Together they are currently implementing the Interfaith Sensitisation Programme on Peace, where they reach out to the Ghanaian youth via different activities such as community/interfaith dialogues and Peace Walks. Dialogues and walks have been organised across five regions, including in Kumasi, Aflao, Wa, Bimbila, Tamale and Accra.

America Was Not Founded as a Christian Nation

A good place to start is by getting some things out of the way. Yes, some of the founding fathers were Christians. Yes, the word God is used in multiple colonial documents. Yes, there are a lot of Christian American citizens. There is no dispute to these facts. Now to move forward:

America has always been a stir fry of religion and culture. Each coming together and contributing to create a wonderful product. The idea of our country being a melting pot is not only incorrect, it is disgusting. Try throwing that stir fry into a blender and see how it comes out.