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Hugo Chávez Helped Iran Develop Nuclear Weapons, Brazilian Magazine Reports

A Brazilian magazine has accused Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez of having helped Iran evade nuclear weapons sanctions put in place by the United Nations (UN).

The magazine Veja stated in its August 19 publication that the Chavez administration secretly helped sponsor Tehran with the production of raw material for nuclear weapons and rockets.

A document dated August 3, 2009 shows President Hugo Chavez’s signature approving financial help with an atomic bomb.

Boycott, Conflict and Change: Can Venezuela’s President Be Unseated Peacefully?

Venezuelans want to resolve the ‘dangerous’ crisis in their country in a peaceful, democratic, constitutional and electoral manner. Will President Maduro’s regime continue to boycott that possibility?

On December 6, 2015, the Venezuelan opposition won control of the National Assembly (AN) for the first time since chavismo rose to power, 17 years ago. In a landslide victory, the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) achieved 112 of the 167 seats in Parliament. It was truly an unprecedented event that goes beyond the normal implications of a political power shift.

Populism – The Eternal Ideology

Populism – once associated mainly with Latin America – is now part of the political mainstream in western and eastern Europe. What’s behind this surge?

Populism is becoming global. While in past decades populist forces were only associated with Latin America, from at the least 1990s onwards populist leaders have been gaining ground in both eastern and western Europe.

While it is true that populism still wins executive power in Europe only rarely, populist parties have been established at the parliamentary level throughout this region.

In fact, practically every country in the Old World has at least one populist force from the radical right, such as the National Front in France or the Law and Justice Party in Poland. All of these parties strongly oppose immigration, refugees, and multiculturalism. In turn, new populist forces of the left have recently gained strength on the European continent, with parties such as Podemos in Spain and Syriza in Greece demanding an end to fiscal austerity and greater regulation of financial institutions.