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The Meteoric Rise of (Recently Censored) Chinese Internet Celebrity Papi Jiang

If you’re aren’t active on the Chinese web, it’s likely you haven’t ever heard of Papi Jiang. She’s one of the most popular online celebrities in China, known for her fast-talking satirical videos that mock everyday life, relationships, movies and social issues.

In China, such fame doesn’t go unnoticed by authorities, however, and last month she was the target of the country’s Internet censors, who took down some of her videos from Youku, China’s most popular video platform.

Behind the Papi Jiang avatar is 29-year-old Jiang Yi Lei, who graduated from China’s Central Academy of Drama. Her videos, in which she delivers comedic monologues or imitates high-profile figures or celebrities in her trademark high-pitch, rapid-fire voice, have earned her 11 million followers on social media site Sina Weibo.