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Talking About a Revolution

(OtherWords) – It’s long been clear that if we want to avoid catastrophic climate disruption on a scale that threatens human civilization, we need to leave vast amounts of fossil fuels in the ground. Environmental writer Bill McKibben pointed out the…

Climate Con: why a new global deal on aviation emissions is really bad news

A new climate deal is expected to be agreed upon soon by the International Civil Aviation Organization, the United Nations agency governing aviation. But it is a cop-out that allows airlines to carry on polluting, writes Oscar Reyes.

It sounds like a fine riddle: what can grow exponentially but still remain the same size? A new global deal on climate emissions from aviation promises just that, ‘carbon neutral growth’ from an industry that is the world’s fastest growing source of greenhouse gases.

The proposal has a series of loopholes big enough to fly a jumbo jet through