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‘Safe Schools’: Life-Saving Anti-Bullying Program or Radical Sexual Indoctrination? Australians Can’t Agree.

A petition calling for the Australian state government of New South Wales to abandon ‘Safe Schools’ — a program designed to promote acceptance and respect for gay, intersex and gender-diverse students, and implemented in over 500 schools across Australia — has reignited a long-running national debate over whether it is a crucial anti-bullying initiative, or simply a radical attempt at sexual indoctrination.

According to Safe Schools Coalition Australia, the federally-funded program provides free resources and support to school staff in order to foster safer and more inclusive school environments. However, certain aspects of Safe Schools, ­including encouraging young people to accept that gender is a fluid concept, has alarmed some parents.

Chinese Demand Harsher Laws to Stop Bullying After a Teenager’s Beating Death

A 15-year-old boy named Zhang Chaofan from Yun Cheng county of Shan Xi province in China was beaten to death on 23 April. The six suspects were his schoolmates.

The police detained the six as part of their investigation. While their results haven’t been officially released, the victim’s mother discovered by reading a group chat between members of her son’s class that her son had allegedly been a victim of bullying.

She described the case in an interview with state-owned China Central Television. According to her, her son’s schoolmates had been extorting money from him. Eventually, he stopped attending school and started working at an Internet cafe. It’s there that he was beaten for hours, allegedly by the same schoolmates who had been bullying him. The teenager died of a cardiopulmonary rupture and injuries to the brain.