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5 Groups and Individuals to Blame For Donald Trump’s Victory

Liberals all over America are crying in the ice cream like Bridget Jones. They are buying the materials needed to build a bomb shelter if they aren’t making arrangements to move to Canada. Their depression is palpable. They speak in doom and gloom; thinking the world is going to end. There is a reason to do this. Ignorance, fear mongering, and failing to logically and correctly addressing the issues, brought you Trump.

You put on your headphones, covered your eyes, and refused to even acknowledge the issues, or talk to political adversaries. You gambled with narcissism and arrogance, and you lost. This result is a history lesson you need to study and memorize. Donald Trump should have never been elected, and wouldn’t be president if these mistakes weren’t made.

Oops! Local Racist Tells ‘Roasted Skin Scum’ to Get Jobs, Has Own Employment Info on Facebook

As three football players from Syracuse’s Nottingham High School varsity team knelt for the national anthem before a football game, people took notice. The reports were written. This specific action taken against police brutality, spreading through the pro and college ranks of multiple sports, has also begun to show on the fields of high school sports in moving displays of conscience.