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Poisoning of the Masses: Flint, Michigan

Its 7 am. Your alarm goes off. You and your husband get the three kids up for school. Everyone showers and sits down to coffee and breakfast then head out the door to begin their day. Sounds like a familiar scenario in most typical American households. One community no longer has the luxury of those typical American mornings. Now let’s take a sneak peek into a morning routine for the average family in Flint Michigan. Mom doesn’t jump out of bed into a steamy hot shower. If she did, it is likely she would break out in rashes. While the masses get faucets, hot water and a loofah she gets a bottle of water with soap and washcloth. She gets out her toothbrush and another bottle of water to brush her teeth. She leaves the bathroom as her husband comes in and repeats a similar routine. The three children, one after the other, have learned the same methods of cleaning themselves and personal hygiene. Downstairs, the coffee pot is filled with bottled water and begins brewing. As breakfast is being cooked on one burner, a pot full of bottled water heats on another. While everyone finishes breakfast and gets the last of their morning belongings ready, the pot of water gets poured into the sink. Mom washes the dishes and one by one uses more bottles of water to rinse each dish then places them in a dish strainer. Kisses and hugs are exchanged and the family walks out the door. This, my friends, is a typical American morning routine for the citizens of Flint Michigan.

Shutdown for Justice: Tamir Rice

Cleveland, OH (TFC) – It has been one year since Tamir Rice was murdered by Frank Garmback and Timothy Loehmann. There has been zero justice or closure for the Rice family. The community is still feeling the pain of this…

Tears for the fallen: Tamir Rice

Cleveland, OH (TFC) – It was an intimate and emotional setting at the Truth Light Missionary Baptist Church in Cleveland on Saturday evening. Reverend Robert Aitkin opened the doors to his E. 55th St. church to a crowd of about…