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Amid crackdowns on mass migration, Central Americans organize to curb violence

Nearly half a million migrants have been apprehended by U.S. Border Patrol in 2016, while hundreds of thousand of others have been detained and deported en route through Mexico. Within this number is a record-breaking number of Central Americans seeking asylum in what Amnesty International called “the world’s least visible refugee crises.” Many of these asylum seekers have escaped communities torn apart by violence, the drug trade and poverty, but human rights groups report that an alarming number of them are subject to serious danger en route to the border.

Kafka on the shore: European asylum law and the slow death of due process

These are not simply draconian measures to curb refugee movement towards Europe, but populist ideals presented to the European Parliament as an authentic means of terminating its “refugee crisis”.

In Franz Kafka’s ‘The Trial’, Josef K. (an allegorical personification of the author) finds himself arrested, charged and on trial for a crime of which he knows nothing, without any defence. The undermining of presumed legal norms by the two “unidentified agents from an unspecified agency” and the “Committee of Affairs” leaves K. in the impossible position of a guilty man who does not know the nature of his crime.