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Real Target of Tehran’s Demand for Apple to Open Office in Iran is US Sanctions

Tehran’s recent ultimatum to Apple, the US tech giant, to open up an office in Iran or face a ban on Apple products in the country, was presented as a bid to end the loss of tax revenue from millions of iPhones smuggled into Iran, but its real goal is to break through the wall of US sanctions still blocking investment in Iran.

“If [Apple] does not register an official representative office in Iran, all phones produced by this company will be confiscated from stores,” said Abbas Nakhaei, head of the Anti-Smuggling Task Force, in an interview with the hardline Tasnim News Agency on July 17, 2016.

Bringing Apple officially into the country would be a huge victory for Iran, which has argued that the benefits of signing the nuclear deal and the easing of international sanctions have not brought the expected foreign investment into the country.

You Should Stop Buying Apple Products, Here’s Why:

If you’re an avid user of Apple products then there’s a good chance you’ve probably broken at least one in your life. What you may have fail to realize is that broken iPhone represented a golden opportunity; an upcoming decision and a metaphorical fork in the road between Apple and Android. I’m going to explain why the Android route is the ideal direction in which to travel.

2006 was the year I owned my first and last Apple product and I hated it, especially the difficulties I encountered trying to figure out how to add music to it without destroying my friend’s library or my own. It was an original 4th Generation iPod and given to me as a hand-me-down. In spite of the inconvenience that its old style proprietary cable poses, I used it for a short while until it was replaced by the music player in my Android phone. I still have that 32Gb iPod, I’ve just stripped it of everything that makes it Apple. Now I occasionally use it for external storage. This year marks a decade of my distaste for the Apple company and it’s products, so let’s celebrate. I’m going to explain why I’ve never purchased an Apple product, nor will I ever own one again… and neither should you. Here’s why: