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Venezuela: Armed Chavistas “Welcome” Opposition Leader at Airport

Opposition Blames President Maduro for Uprising and Violence on the Island

Armed crowds reportedly detained Opposition Leader Henrique Capriles for more than four hours at the airport on Venezuela’s Margarita Island this week.

Capriles, who travels every year to the island to commemorate the day of the Virgen del Valle, was detained by an armed group of government supporters that surrounded the airport to prevent him from leaving. At noon, the governor was finally able to get out.

Daesh Allegedly Plotting Attacks on Major US Airports on July 4th

Days after Daesh (the Islamic state) claimed responsibility for suicide bombing attacks on Turkey’s largest airport, the pro-jihadist twitter account reported that the group is preparing attacks on major air havens in America and Britain, said to be carried out over Independence Day weekend.

London Heathrow, LAX and New York’s JFK are said to be targeted by Daesh in the upcoming days, SITE Intelligence group, a non-governmental organization specialized in tracking jihadi networks’ activities revealed, citing a pro-Daesh twitter account.

According to the account, jihadists may either mount an explosive device in one of the three airports or directly attack planes en route from the United Kingdom to the United States.