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Iraq: Investigate Mosque Strike That Killed Civilians

At attack on October 21, 2016, hit the women’s side of al-Khani mosque in Daquq, 30 kilometers south of Mosul, Iraq, killing at least 13 women and children. The strike on the mosque, filled with mourners observing the Muslim holy month of Moharram, occurred without apparent military targets in the vicinity, residents told Human Rights Watch.

A resident and a police officer told Human Rights Watch that they believed the attack on the mosque, which also wounded at least 45 people, was an airstrike because of the sound of aircraft and scale of destruction. Of the troops fighting for the Iraqi city of Mosul, only United States-led coalition forces in Iraq and the Iraqi air force are known to conduct airstrikes in this region. Media outlets have also reported this as an airstrike, likely carried out by the coalition, but a coalition spokesperson denied that they were responsible for the attack and the civilian casualties.

Remote control vs Islamic State: a new phase

London, United Kingdom (openDemocracy) – The pace of events in the western military campaign against Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria-Iraq is making even recent assessments look become singularly dated (see, for example, “Air war vs Islamic State: myth and reality” [28 August…