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Tradecraft: How spies are made

(TFC) – Espionage is a game as old as recorded history. It’s played by governments, corporations, paramilitary organizations, individuals, and even religious entities. But what does the process of creating a spy look like? How does it really work? It’s…

Is It Ever Okay for a Government Agent to Lie?

My in-laws finally started watching Breaking Bad. Their binging has taken them to the finale in just under two weeks. Impressive.

So, I was at their house re-watching the episode where Hank, a federal DEA agent, interrogates Saul Goodman’s bodyguard. Hank fools him into spilling information on Walt by holding up a staged photo of Jesse’s head next to a bloody mess of raw meat. Hank calms the bodyguard by saying he is not a suspect in conspiracy for murder, flashing the photo of Jesse without comment.