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Website of Afghanistan’s National Security Council Hacked

A group of hackers has hacked the official website of Afghanistan’s National Security Council (NSC).

According to Tasnim dispatches, the hackers, dubbed Hazaristan Cyber Army, hacked and defaced the website of Afghanistan’s NSC on Friday.

They left a deface page along with photos of four senior Afghan officials and a brief message on the hacked website.

“We want justice and equality for all ethnic groups of Afghanistan. Security is either only deception or illusion… we will never give up (our fight) until justice is served,” part of the message read.

No, EU, Turkey Is Not Safe for Everyone

Keeping refugees in a country that cannot be described as safe for them, and limiting access to asylum in Europe for Turkey’s own citizens when they may need it most, risks contributing to greater instability within Turkey. Will this be the EU’s poisonous contribution to Turkey’s future?