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Disturbing Abu Ghraib-Style Abuse at a Juvenile Facility in Australia’s Northern Territory

After disturbing images of Abu Ghraib-style treatment of children at a juvenile detention facility in Australia’s Northern Territory aired on a national TV show, many Australians are calling for political accountability and a broad review of detention conditions across the country, especially for its most vulnerable population: Indigenous children. Others are saying local media and rights groups in the Northern Territory have been reporting the abuse for years, but it was largely ignored by the public and the government.

Despite covering over 1,349,129 square kilometres (520,902 square miles), the Northern Territory only has a population of 243,700; a third of whom are Indigenous Australians.

Four Corners, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation weekly current affairs show, which aired extensive footage taken at the Don Dale facility in 2014 in an episode titled Australia’s Shame, shows young offenders as they are “stripped naked, assaulted and tear gassed.”