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Punishing UK Women When Condoms Fail

(HRW) – British-based pharmacy mega-chain Boots is refusing to follow in the footsteps of its competitors and lower prices for the morning-after pill, citing fear of a moralistic public backlash. Now they are facing a firestorm of controversy. In a letter responding to calls…

Erasing women in Mexico


Mexico (NI) – Women are jailed for miscarriages, yet male spouses who’ve murdered walk free. Nayeli Sosa and Dafne – young Mexican women – were both dealt horrific tragedies. But what they had in common went well beyond that. Sosa was beaten…

Serbian Government Backtracks on Russia-Inspired Anti-Abortion Council


Serbian government officials are claiming that uproar over alleged plans to establish a state body to persuade women to avoid abortions is all a misunderstanding.

Slavica Đukić Dejanović, a minister without portfolio responsible for demography and population policy, reportedly told pro-government tabloid Informer confirming that the state would “form a body that would raise awareness of all women about the harmful side effects of abortions.” Several other media outlets then picked up on the statement. According to news portal Alo.rs, the council would provide counseling on pregnancy and its termination, and “would include the civil sector, priests and various experts that would be able to help.”

Dispatches: US Supreme Court Strikes Down Abortion Restrictions

Calls Texas Measures an ‘Undue Burden’

The United States Supreme Court stood up for women’s health and rights today by striking down parts of a Texas law that imposes onerous restrictions on abortion providers. With the 9th seat on the court vacant since Justice Antonin Scalia’s death in February, the remaining justices ruled 5-3 that parts of the law were unconstitutional, creating an undue burden on a woman’s right to decide whether to have an abortion. The decision is a resounding defeat for abortion opponents in the US who have sought to block women’s access to the procedure with laws that regulate clinics out of business under the guise of safety.

The Texas law – HB 2 – requires abortion clinics to meet standards for ambulatory surgical centers and doctors who provide abortions to maintain admitting privileges at local hospitals. While proponents claim these measures protect women’s health, the restrictions don’t reflect reality as abortion procedures are low-risk and safer than other procedures, like colonoscopies, that are regularly performed in doctors’ offices or outpatient clinics. Instead, the law makes it prohibitively expensive and logistically unworkable for many clinics to remain open. More than half of the 42 abortion providers in Texas have closed since portions of HB 2 went into effect in 2014.