FAQs About The Fifth Column

Is this a left-leaning or right-leaning outlet? First, let us say that we’re glad you can’t tell. The answer to this question brings up one of the fundamental reasons for The Fifth Column’s emergence. The old adage states that there are two sides to every story. This is wrong. There are always more than two sides to every story. Old media outlets market themselves to the left or right side of the political spectrum and carry the political talking points of that side. So it doesn’t matter what side you choose, you’re still simply obtaining propaganda. You are given the appearance of a free press, but both sides are controlled by politicians’ press releases.

If you invite three of your friends to dinner, there are dozens of suggestions about where to eat; but with today’s most pressing issues that affect billions of people, the old media would have you believe that there are only two options.  We are not a left or right leaning outlet. We are an outlet dedicated to creating public conversation.

Does your outlet derive its name from the fifth column of the newspaper, or the military meaning behind the term, or the columns around where Plato spoke? Yes.

One of your journalists said something I don’t agree with, who can I complain to? We read comments, suggestions, and complaints on our social media network. Unless the journalist specifically and intentionally set out to insult or harm somebody, we probably don’t care. This outlet allows for the expression of all points of view. The Freedom of Speech is designed to protect unfavorable speech. If you wish to silence someone because they said something you don’t agree with, this is probably not the outlet for you. If you wish to refute an article, write a response and submit it.

Will you publish my article or letter? Probably. We want to bring every viewpoint into the public eye. Our “Viewpoints” section is specifically designed to do just that. We don’t publish conspiracy theories without hard evidence and we don’t publish libelous attacks. We’re open to just about anything else. Take a look at the other articles on the page and try to mimic their layout for a better chance of being published.

How do I get The Fifth Column to cover a story? Contact our journalists directly. We are a very decentralized outlet with journalists all over the country. All of our journalists are available via social media they will respond to inquiries much faster than the office will.

Why are you such a communist/capitalist/Muslim/Christian/anarchist/left-wing/right-wing/anti-American/patriotic outlet? We have scores of journalists. Each journalist expresses their own opinion. We do not edit content to force an agenda. Read more than one or two articles before judging the outlet.

How can I get a paid job with the Fifth Column? Submit your work. Demonstrating the ability to produce high-quality content will carry more weight here than a degree from Yale’s journalism school.

What is your copyright policy? Unless otherwise noted, all content is free to reproduce under creative commons licensing with attribution to the author and the outlet.