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中国:新法加强打压民间组织 资金、登记新规则紧缩对NGO钳制


“北京根本不需要更多武器来打压公民社会团体,”人权观察中国部主任索菲・理查森(Sophie Richardson)说。“这部非政府组织(NGO)法律和习近平时代许多其他法律异曲同工:为 中国的人权侵犯合法化提供更强大的工具。”

Washington Likes Wars. So Where Next?

US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter has ended yet another global war-trot, having visited India, the Philippines, Iraq, and one of the two US nuclear-armed aircraft carriers in its enormous fleet in and around the South China Sea.

He missed out Afghanistan, site of one of America’s recent catastrophic wars, probably because it’s even more dangerous to visit than Iraq, but went to Saudi Arabia on 20 April (along with President Barack Obama), and told his opposite numbers of the Gulf nations that the US has «an enduring commitment» to all of these dictatorships. Then he gave a media conference at which he declared that «the US military remains committed and capable of responding to Iranian malign and destabilizing activities».

Singapore May Become The City Of The Future…And An Orwellian Nightmare

With fast-paced technological developments, cities around the globe are progressing to what are popularly known as “smart cities,” which make use of technology to provide better services to their residents. Singapore is a smart city known for its autonomous systems on security and maintenance, its forthcoming driverless taxis, and soon enough, it’s going to get even more complex.

Through the development of the country’s Smart Nation program, an unstated number ofsensors and cameras will be spread across the city, allowing the government to monitor possibly everything—an Orwellian nightmare in the making if ever there was one.

Erdogan as a Litmus Test for European Policy

Until recently, we thought that Europe stood firmly on European values and that these values were not for sale. Just think of the European media’s mockery of Islam. It seems that this popular pastime is justified by the fact that there is a long-established culture of court satire in Europe, where jesters were permitted to make fun of the crowned heads with impunity…