Author: Spring Duckett

I was raised on the coast of South Carolina and developed a special bond with the natural world from a very young age. I have been participating in various levels of community living across the continental United States over the past two decades. I have a strong background in sustainable living, conscious communications, education, and child development. My understandings of natural resources, combined with a desire to help facilitate consciousness and awareness, have led me to actively seek opportunities to share knowledge with others. I am a successful home school mother and lead a child-centered life that encompasses the concepts of integrity, respect, honesty, and most importantly love. This class marks my countdown to my bachelor's in Green and Sustainable Enterprise management. I will only have two classes to complete after this one to finish my program. I plan on pursuing a masters in peace and conflict studies, or something similar. The state of the biosphere has reached a critical point where if the practices of humans do not significantly shift to sustainable choices worldwide, we will be facing the likelihood of extinction in just a few generations. I believe that my experience, skillsets, communications, and education will enable me to become a facilitator in this area, both on a grassroots level as well as an international level. Sustainable lifestyle choices begin with conscious communications, and end with a scientifically measurable level of health and well-being for individuals, the human population, and the global community of species on Earth. My personal goal is the completion of a sustainability cooperative in East Tennessee, where many small communities will work together to have an effective impact on the lifestyle choices of the Smoky Mountains and the Southern Appalachian region and a voice in how the Earth is taken care of. The cooperative will offer methods of research, education, and demonstration both on site at the land trust as well as off site at other community-centered venues or events. "All life is sacred. Nature has no disposable parts, no waste, and nothing extra or unnecessary. Humans are a part of nature, as is everything we create ~ there is nothing on this planet that doesn't belong here, things just sometimes need re purposed and transformed into more beneficial forms. We as a species have collected knowledge and developed communication skills that can ultimately lead to solutions to all of the major problems in the world today. Through grassroots community efforts, conscious communications, and sustainable living practices throughout all parts of our lives, we are capable of reaching a much higher level of existence ~ for humans as well as for all life on Earth." ~ Laurie "Spring" Duckett