Author: Justin Notoras

The Corruption of Corporate Sponsored Politics

Politicians are on the fundraising trail as they look to fill their pockets for the 2016 elections. Rarely people ask where the hundreds of millions in donations come from. Here is a hint, it isn’t from your grandma sending checks for $5 to the candidate she thought had the best interview on the Ellen show. People often say that politicians are bought off. This brings to mind the image of people meeting in an alley during a midnight rainstorm and exchanging an envelope full of cash. The truth is stranger than fiction.

Political campaigns are backed and funded by corporations and big business. Sure, averages citizens do send in private donations; but these are drops in the bucket in comparison to the money corporate donors are forking over. The question remains; why do corporations have an interest in donating hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars backing politicians as they run for office?

The State and Manipulation of Education

American education is under attack in an attempt to turn your child into a corporate profit. Teachers, students, and communities are being used as pawns in a chess match. Politicians are filling their campaign piggybank to support and fund the private sector. Tax money is being used send students to attend religious, private, and charter schools. In many states the private sector has a lower success rate of performance, growth, and development.

An educational system that allows options serves a purpose. Families should have a say in what school their child attends. The problem lies when private sector does not have to play by the same rules and regulations in regards to assessment, yet are given funding that has been allocated for the public sector. Our schools are not broken. Our politicians are.
Currently, public schools are given funding based on how high test scores are at the end of the year. Lower performing schools have their funding cut for not performing well. This ideology sets up a system that will eventually force an economic segregation.