Author: Jim Carey

This Uprising Needs Radicals Not Radical Critics

With the election of Donald Trump, cities across the country have seen days of constant protest. Some of these protests have been joined by militant leftists and anarchists but they’re going to need more if this new movement is going to become long term and radical.

Over the weekend several reporters with The Fifth Column Network went to witness the protests outside Trump Tower on 5th Avenue in downtown Manhattan. We assumed the that by the time we arrived, hours after the protests started, only the most radical core of the groups would still be left behind the police barricades.

Instead what we found were hardcore Democrats shouting slogans such as “Who Cares? Obamacare” and “Michelle 2020.” These protesters were still under the illusion that the Democratic Party had their best interest at heart and had taken this message right into the belly of the beast – the home of US imperialism and both Trump and Clinton’s real support base – the financial capital of the world.

Russia to Cut Defense Budget by Almost 30 Percent

Many of the Western powers and a lot of mainstream and alternative media in the US have been talking quite a bit lately about the threat of an oncoming World War with Russia. In what is likely to come as a surprising revelation to them is Russia’s latest announcement that they’ll possibly be cutting large portions of their defense budget in the upcoming years.

Many of the western pro-Putin crowd may not have realized this but Russia has become heavily dependent on oil exports in the past few decades. Like the other nations who rely heavily on oil exports such as Venezuela or Saudi Arabia; Russia is feeling the same pinch of the sharp and sustained drop in oil prices. Along with the drop in oil prices, Russia – like Venezuela – is also under sanctions from the international community.

Afghan Government Using US Money To Pay Non-Existent Soldiers

Last week a letter to Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter written by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) was released claiming that the nations funding the Afghan security forces could be paying for a force double the size of what actually exists.

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The US alone has spent $68 billion on Afghan security forces since 2002. The US and other partners in Afghanistan are also committed to spending $5 billion a year on security personnel until 2020.

Why Russia is NOT “Preparing for Nuclear War”

Over the past few weeks the alternative media has been on red alert accusing some of missing a major story concerning Russian preparations for “nuclear war.” Although this makes for a good headline; the usually anti-government media outlets are leaving out some critical analysis of how all governments operate.

While it is true that the Russian government did hold a “nuclear exercise” it is important to remember it was still orchestrated by a government.

It’s obvious that a lot of people who read alternative media have a soft spot for Vladimir Putin and sometimes he does things that seem to warrant feelings of trust. Whether you agree with Russia combatting American imperialism in Syria, Putin trashing western “GMO food” or the Russian state “banning the Rothschilds” it is important to remember that these moves by the Russian state are still propaganda pieces in the chess game of geopolitics.

The Kurds Being Sold Out by The U.S. Isn’t Shocking If You’ve Paid Attention

With Turkey’s incursion (or invasion) of Syria this week; Kurdish fighters have been ordered to stand down. Some in the West are disappointed by this turn of events but historically it’s just another instance of the Kurds being used as a political prop by U.S. when it’s to their advantage.

Since the escalation of the war in Syria, The United States has been supplying Kurds in Syria with weapons and support in order to combat the Islamic State. The Kurdish YPG have proven themselves to be a competent force in fighting extremism and managed to gain significant amounts of territory.

For a lot of younger people in The West just waking up to geopolitical events this may be the first time they’ve learned of the Kurdish population in the border region of Turkey, Iraq and Syria. If you’re just hearing of the Kurdish struggle for autonomy then you’ve missed the U.S. turning a blind eye to their slaughter for decades and constantly using their plight whenever it’s convenient.

As Disenfranchisement Rises, Third Parties Start to Shine

This week the New York Times revealed that the total number of primary votes cast for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump only account for about 9% of the US population. With so few voters responsible for the primary victories of two of history’s most disliked candidates it seems more people around the country are seeking out other, better options.

This disappointment in the two party system is beginning to show in a sudden unprecedented rise of America’s two major alternative political parties.

On the right, there have been voters jumping from the Republican ship since Donald Trump was clearly going to secure the nomination. There has always been a party for principled conservative voters but now it seems more than ever that the Libertarian party is finally seeing numbers high enough to make them a viable option.

Meet the Workers Already Left Behind by Donald Trump’s Management Failures

This week, as most of the media’s attention was focused on the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia, there was a lot of talk about how bad Donald Trump would be for the people of the United States. Among all that talk though there was no mention of the damage he has already done to a whole region of people who depended on some of his businesses for their livelihood.

Donald Trump’s failed casino ventures in Atlantic City have been mentioned a few times by his opponents on the campaign trail, but only as political points in the tit for tat campaign style we are all so used to. What was never discussed was the effect his failures are still having on the former east coast gambling mecca, now a city that has fallen on hard times as new casinos have popped up across the country.

China to Fight Pollution…With World’s Largest Air Purifier

For most people, one of the first things that comes to mind when they think of some of China’s largest cities is the massive amounts of pollution. This September, China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection is partnering with a Dutch engineer to send the world’s largest air purifier on a tour of some of the country’s cities most effected by air pollution.

Daan Roosegaarde came up with the idea after a visit to Beijing in 2014 when he couldn’t see any of the city out of his hotel window, over thirty floors above the ground. After the trip Roosegaarde had the idea for the ion air purifier (similar to the types used in hospitals and homes) to filter some of the smallest, most dangerous particles of pollution out of the air.

Global Soros Backed Demonstrations Spring Up Overnight In “Organic” Save Aleppo Campaign

Beginning last Thursday event pages began appearing on Facebook promoting demonstrations worldwide to protest the increased violence in Aleppo. The problem with these demonstrations is they were primarily only critical of the actions of the Syrian and Russian governments.

Nobody is in favor of the violence in Aleppo or Syria in general but it did seem odd that such a massive PR campaign emerged seemingly overnight on such a massive scale. The timing of the campaign also sparked some questions; all of a sudden Aleppo was top priority among the anti-Assad community right as the Syrian military was undertaking a major offensive to retake the city from a coalition of fighters that Western media refers to only as the “rebels.”

The only issue with the rebels inside Aleppo is that as recently as late April, the US Department of Defense agreed with the assessments made by the Russian government that the fighters primarily belonged to the al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra front. To be fair, following the demonstrations this weekend; Ayman al-Zawahiri did give al-Nusra “permission” to break their affiliation (possibly to better the chances of being included in the next round of ceasefire talks) but this was not the case at the time the events were organized.

Western Media Uses Panama Papers To Slam Putin, Is Silent On Allies Implicated In Leak

Over the weekend a massive coordinated document leak was published by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) that exposed the offshore dealings of 140 world politicians and public figures including 12 current and former world leaders. Despite the importance of this leak US media has been overwhelmingly silent and the slight media coverage the Panama papers have received has been used to criticize one man: Vladimir Putin.