Author: James Job

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Federal Government Caught Hindering Vaccination Choice Petition

Washington D.C. (TFC) – The Federal Government is being accused of hindering a petition to the Obama Administration with regard to the freedom of choice on vaccinations.

Whether you are a person that backs mandatory vaccinations, one who is strictly against introducing misunderstood chemicals into your body, or you’re somewhere in between and do as much informed research as possible before scheduling/denying vaccines for yourself or your children, most people will agree that vaccination should be a choice. According to a USA Today Poll, 92% of Americans believe that vaccination should be a choice made individually.

So why are the signatures on this poll to our government being frozen? The Administration has put a strict signature limit of 100 per day, and the deadline is March 6, 2015. That poll reportedly has been meeting or perhaps topping its limit;

“Counsel Ralph Fucetola, JD, and I were tracking the number of signatures for the petition on our Skype chat and I noted something rather strange: there were many hours when the number increasing on the petition was exactly, EXACTLY, 100.” – Dr. Rima Laibow of the Natural Solutions Foundation

However, the public outcry is based off of widely broadcasted, fear-inducing tales in the media which are rarely subjected to scrutiny. It seems these stories are really just that… Scare tactics. So let’s take a look at the last 10 years in America for measles related deaths. The result comes out, nobody, not one single person in the United States has died of measles in the last ten years. However, 100 have died from the vaccination, and with as many people in this country who are fed up at having their freedoms stripped away in multiple facets, this one hits home pretty hard. A 2010 study done on over 13,000 people, most under the age of 8, in 26 different countries shows pretty conclusively that children who went without vaccinations were less likely to develop other diseases or disorders.

Corporations pushing these vaccines have all the information posted about their vaccines and the adverse reactions. Also information about any drug can be found online at With this information as transparent as it is, and with corporations like Merck that push vaccinations for things like HPV as well as MMR, it’s suspect to investigating whether or not these companies use these vaccine scares as a way to increase share profits?

Freedom means just that. The choice to accept or deny any principle. The weight of consequence on any decision should be placed solely upon the person who is deciding on the action. Which is why I believe the Facebook poll linked above describes truly how middle class America feels. However, the corporate media will only feed you what the big pharmaceutical companies tell them is acceptable to publish. Worse yet, the pharmaceutical companies are pushing agendas on the politicians for mandatory vaccinations.

America seems more interested in informing themselves before having an administered vaccination plan for themselves, and their children. How do you feel?


By James Job Activist, Social Liberal, Fiscal Conservative