Author: Bryan Lee

Bryan is a columnist focusing on public policy, politics, and international affairs.

Net Neutrality is Good For Developing Countries

Los Angeles, CA (TFC) – Last year, the Federal Communications Commission finally reaffirmed their commitment to net neutrality after a lengthy and high profile debate that started in 2014.  This debate attracted much public interest with consumer advocacy groups, corporations,…

The African Union Is Unlikely to Intervene in Burundi

The African Union’s response to the Burundi crisis is very important because it is the first time, in the organization’s history, that they are attempting intervene in a country that has openly threatened to resist. As a result, African Union peacekeeping is now in uncharted territory.

Is Religion Really the Problem?

Los Angeles, CA (TFC)  – A few weeks ago, a columnist at The Fifth Column wrote an article that was highly critical of religious dogma and the societal problems that it has caused.  The columnist starts by claiming that religion…