About Our Sections

The Fifth Column provides you with insights that aren’t available on other news outlets. With a focus on long-form journalism and exclusive reports, The Column strives for excellence in adversarial journalism. Our exclusive reports find their way into one of our unique sections.

The Fifth Column

The flagship section of the outlet contains articles that you won’t find anywhere else. The Fifth Column is filled with original investigative reporting, exclusive interviews, and unique submissions.

Brush Pass

This section contains useful fact sheets that can be used to put other news stories in perspective. This is often raw unanalyzed data.


This serves as our editorial page. You’ll find opinions that aren’t likely to be expressed on other outlets.


The skills of survival, warfare, espionage, and insurgency are examined.

The Fem Column:

A feminist cell within The Fifth Column.


For content that is over the top, humorous, or satirical.

Disclaimer: The Fifth Column seeks to publish a diverse range of perspectives on any given issue. The views and opinions expressed in articles published at The Fifth Column are the respective author’s own. Authors/copyright owners are fully responsible for their own work.  While the editorial staff makes a good faith effort to ensure the accuracy of information contained in published articles, it assumes no responsibility or legal liability, express or implied, for the content of any work of the author/copyright owner.