Another death linked to Tulsa PD this year

(TFC) – At some point on August 24th, Tulsa PD responded to call of a man shirtless and acting erratically. Upon responding to the call the man, identified later as Joshua Harvey, 25, pulled on a glass door breaking it. After which, officers immediately tazed him. For roughly 2 and a half minutes of the video, they are alternating tazing the man. Harvey died 3 days later at the hospital after never regaining consciousness.

Police in the video can be heard saying “he hasn’t done anything yet he’s just acting crazy.”

The incident leaves more questions than answers. What caused his behavior? What exactly was the cause of officer intervention? Was the deployment of the tazer related to his death? Could de-escalation tactics saved the man’s life? Should departments establish guidelines for the length of time a tazer may be used to gain compliance? Harvey died 2 days before his birthday.

Video shown here is graphic and should be watched with caution.

The Fifth Column reached out to Tulsa PD. The department refused to comment hanging up once and sending additional calls to PR voicemail with no return call. Tulsa police have been involved in rash of killings this year.

The incident has led for even more calls for de-escalation training for officers and the continued refrain that, regardless of the suspect’s actions, officers are not judge, jury, and executioner.