Trump Reportedly Greenlights Use of Cyberattacks Scrapping Obama-Era Directive

(Sputnik) – President Trump has reversed an Obama-era memorandum on how and when the US government can deploy cyberweapons against its adversaries, in an effort to loosen restrictions on such operations, The Wall Street Journal wrote, citing sources familiar with the matter.

The executive order signed by Trump on Wednesday is a retreat from an Obama-era memorandum known as Presidential Policy Directive 20 signed by then-Presidnet Barack Obama in February 2009, that outlined an interagency process to be followed  before the United States uses cyberattacks, particularly those targeting the country’s adversaries.

The sources the WSJ spoke to declined to go into the details of the new directive, citing its classified nature.

President Trump earlier criticized the excessively bureaucratic procedure of implementing the Presidential Policy Directive 20 complaining about the large number of federal agencies involved in the process.

On June 18, the Pentagon authorized the US Cyber Command to raid foreign networks almost  on a daily basis hoping that that such pre-emptive measures would help disable cyberweapons before they can be used.

Created in 2009, the US Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) unifies the direction of cyberspace operations, strengthens the Pentagon’s cyberspace capabilities, and integrates and bolsters its cyber expertise. While originally created with a defensive mission in mind, it has increasingly been viewed as an offensive force.

Originally published by Sputnik