Worst Medical Malpractice Cases from the Past 10 Years

When we think of the top causes of death, we think of things like car accidents or shootings. You often don’t quite imagine doctors and nurses on that list though, right? It would be strange for that to be a cause of death, no? Well, to answer your question, medical errors are consistently among the top causes of death in the United States. In the recent past, we have heard horror stories in the medical field. The malpractices are as a result of medical practitioners’ negligence when handling the patients. Human health is an important thing to consider. Health officers should provide helpful services that promote human welfare. The board members attached to a specific health institution should adhere to proper clinical documentation to avoid confusion. The hospital management team should hire highly qualified personnel with a high level of responsibility to prevent errors when handling the patient. Below are some of the worst medical malpractices from the past ten years.

Impractical Mastectomy

Breast cancer is a significant cause of deaths in the world. Up to now, there is no permanent cure or prevention of cancer. Researchers are working day and night searching for the treatment of the killer disease. Most of the times, doctors opt to remove the infected breast to prevent the spread of the cancerous cells to other body organs. There have been multiple incidences of medical malpractice in many regions where doctors have done the mastectomy to the wrong breast. A woman in Los Angeles hospital underwent a double mastectomy, but later on, it was discovered she didn’t have breast cancer. The hospital involved in the malpractice had to pay $200,000 as compensation.

Surgery Tools Left Inside the patient’s Body

Today, there have been several cases where surgeons have left the surgical instruments inside the body of a patient. Patients realize there is something unusual in their body few days or months after being discharged from the hospital. The symptoms are severe pains in the whole body, making the victim feel rather uncomfortable.

Surgeries on the Wrong Side of the brain

At the Rhode Island Hospital, surgeons operated on the wrong side of the patient’s brain. The patient 86-year old patient died weeks after the surgery. There have been many health incidences in different countries of the surgeons operating on the wrong side of the brain. These cases of negligence are in various courts of laws waiting for the final ruling.

Blood Type Disaster

The disaster is as a result of improper documentation and using non-functioning tracking devices for the blood banks. The recorded case was that of a young girl, Jessica, from Mexico. She had stayed in the USA for three years waiting for a lung and heart transplant. Jessica had blood type O, but due to a surgeon’s’ negligence, she received the body organs from a person of blood type A. Jessica’s body rejected the new body organs, taking her into a coma few days after the wrong transplant. Unfortunately, Jessica died after that human error. Dr. Jaggers of the Duke Hospital personally accepted the responsibility for the deadly mistake.


Technology advancement helps our health institutions with the best-improvised machines to help them work correctly by avoiding errors during their operations. Today, doctors are learning more and more about how to give us care (such is the case with painkillers, for example) and so, the cases of health malpractices have declined tremendously across the globe. This is as a result of high level of training for the new health officers.