This Week in Conflicts: New trademarks in China and a call for investigation, plus a Kushner company seeks investment from a Saudi-backed fund

(Sunlight) – This week, Ivanka Trump received new trademarks from China for her collection of businesses, Democratic lawmakers are asking for an ethics investigation into the president’s ties to China, and Jared Kushner’s tech company is asking for money from a Saudi-backed fund.

Ivanka wins new trademarks in China

Once again the business connections between the Trump family and China are raising eyebrows, putting the spotlight back on the debate of whether President Trump is profiting off his presidency.

The latest focus is on Ivanka Trump. As the New York Times reports, China approved seven new trademarks covering her name in the country, allowing “her to capitalize on her brand in the world’s second-largest economy.”:

While these are not the first trademarks Ivanka has been awarded in China (she now has 34 ranging from snacks and spices to bleaching preparations) the timing is curious.

Days before and after the trademarks were awarded to Ivanka, President Trump tweeted his support for Chinese telecommunications company ZTE and said the Commerce Department has been instructed to find a way to get ZTE “back into business.” ZTE was penalized by the U.S. Department of Commerce for selling American technology to Iran and North Korea, a violation of sanctions against those countries.