Afghan President Declares End to Taliban Truce, Renewal of Operations – Reports

(Sputnik) – “The nation has shown they are ready for reconciliation,” Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said, as quoted by the TOLO news broadcaster, adding that many members of the Taliban are seeking peace and the truce has proved that the movement is tired of war.

At the same tine, efforts aimed at reaching peace have been underway, with Kabul trying hard to achieve results, the president added.

On June 7, Ghani declared a unilateral truce with the Taliban from June 11 to June 19 to mark Eid al-Fitr holiday.

Ten days later, the president prolonged the ceasefire by 10 days and called on the Taliban fighters to follow the suit.

The Taliban complied with the three-day Eid truce, but rejected the government’s request to prolong the ceasefire, announcing that it would continue fighting against government forces.

Originally published by Sputnik