5 Trends to Pay Attention to for Photography in 2018

Featured Image Credit: WANDRD Camera Bag

Each year, the photography industry welcomes new and exciting trends. From innovations in photo editing tools to upgrades in camera capabilities, photographers have a range of tools to choose from as they document the world around them. Whether you’re new to photography or work as an industry professional, here’s a look emerging photography trends for 2018.

1. Shrinking Drones

Drones have shrunk from the size of a backpack to the size of your hand. Despite changes in size, their camera quality has only improved over time. Drones enable photographers to take stunning aerial shots from hard-to-reach vantage points. Consumers will continue to pay for smaller drones and better cameras until high-quality drones can fit into your pocket.

2. Stereo Cameras

Stereo cameras are not a new advancement in technology, but now we can do it better. Smartphones with stereo cameras work to give images a 3D effect. Back in 2011, HTC released a phone with a stereo camera—but it was ahead of its time.  Now, with an increased interest in 3D effects and supporting technology, stereo cameras are making a come back.

3. Travel Photography

In an increasingly mobile world, the traditional mindset of planting roots has been replaced with a desire to travel and see the world. As the name suggests, travel photography involves documenting the landscapes and features that you come across while traveling.

In the age of social media, many travelers document their adventures through a travel blog. For those living an on-the-go lifestyle, a travel blog can even serve as a source of income to fund future travels. As seeing the world becomes more of a priority, the trend of travel photography will continue to increase.

4. Artificial Intelligence Software

Artificial intelligence (AI) software makes photo editing easier than ever before. For example, Photolemur analyzes your photos and scans images to discard them based on focus and proper exposure. It gives an educated guess about what it thinks you want to save and corrects itself if you do not approve of its decision.

Adobe has also been trying to incorporate AI into its programs with content-aware cropping tools and auto-tagging. This increasing emphasis on AI editing technology is likely here to stay.

5. Film

Digital cameras are great for editing and getting that perfect shot, but some people do not want the perfect shot. As a matter of fact, they enjoy the flaws in film. This trend has been growing and will erupt with the production of a variety of different physical devices that use film in 2018, among them is Kodak’s Super 8mm Camera.

Whether you’re traveling overseas or staying close to home, it’s worth experimenting with these emerging trends. Soon, you’ll be able to upload aerial images from a tiny drone onto AI software that will edit it for you. With film and stereo cameras on their way back, you can step away from standard cameras and produce unique images. As we continue to look to the future, we’ll see more and more advances in photography to look forward to.