Why are fathers posting photos of themselves threatening their daughter’s prom date with a gun?

(TFC) – There’s a common trend in the United States on social media in which fathers post images of themselves holding a firearm alongside their daughter’s date for prom.

If you have to show your daughter’s date for prom a firearm to make him behave, I have some questions for you:

A) Why are you letting your daughter go out with someone who will harm her?

A1) If you know she makes her own choices, why exactly are you threatening the boy?

B) Do you realize you are reinforcing the idea that women are property of men?

B1) Do you think the example you’re setting will lead her to be independent or will it lead her into the arms of a controlling man?

B2) If your actions are not about your property rights to her body, and believe it is to scare him into not raping your daughter, refer to question A.

C) Do you believe this young man is unafraid of you?

C1) If the answer is no, why do you need to present a weapon? You’re actually sending the message that you need a firearm to take on a teenager.

C2) Are you really that weak?

D) Do you realize it sends the message to everyone who sees the picture you posted on social media that your daughter is either incapable of making her own decisions or that she is unable to discern the quality of a man? (You were her example)

D1) If you believe the boy to be a rapist, refer to question A.

E) Are you doing it as a joke?

E1) If so, guns are not toys.

F) Do you realize the message you’re sending to the boy is that a gun makes him a man?

F1) Do you realize the picture implies you believe this young man would harm your daughter, that you don’t trust him or her, or that both of them are incapable of making their own decisions without the threat of violence?

Seriously, this tradition needs to die.