Facts About Everyday Choices That Will Make You Think Twice

Every day we are faced with some different choices that can have a profound and life-changing effect on us. Sometimes, we stop and take the time to carefully consider our choices, whereas other times we make a rash decision in the heat of the moment. Sometimes, we make poor decisions that do not end in disaster, while other times we do our best to make the best decisions we can but still have unfortunate outcomes. Here are three facts about everyday choices that might make you take some time to think twice before acting.

1. Significant consequences are the result of a series of small choices

Very few people will ever win the lottery. Most millionaires and billionaires built their fortunes one dollar at a time. It may not seem like such a big deal to siphon off a few dollars from the cash register each day when you are a cashier. However, starting that behavior can have long-term ramification and consequences. If you are lucky, you may get caught early. Otherwise, you may not get caught until your crime has escalated to the point of earning you several years in jail. Conversely, small daily habits over time can also have a profound positive effect. Choose your little daily habits carefully, because eventually, they will have giant outcomes.

2. People that develop steady, stable habits are more likely to weather storms

There are indeed times in life when it’s important to throw caution to the wind, but you can still make careful decisions about when to do so. Everyone is going to make a rash decision now and then, but people that maintain steady, stable habits are those most likely to weather the storms that rash decisions can cause. A person who has a habit of being chronically late and misses work often may find themselves without a job if they suddenly decide just not to show up to work that day. A person with near perfect attendance at work may see they have the full support of their superiors and coworkers if they suddenly decide just to play hooky for a day.

3. Not everything that seems right at first is, just like not everything that looks bad at first is

Initial consequences of our decisions can sometimes be very misleading. While committing a crime could change your life, this is not always a bad thing. Sometimes, committing a crime could be the thing that causes you to turn your life around and head in a different direction. While we all dream of falling in love, falling in love with the wrong person can have disastrous consequences.

While no one can take the time to give serious consideration to every choice we make, we can set patterns of good decisions and bad decisions. Every day, however, brings with it the opportunity to make different decisions or change directions. Nothing is set in stone, but the choices you make today will most assuredly affect the outcomes of tomorrow.


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