4 International Businesses with a Great Outlook on Life

There’s been a lot of noise about different businesses and their outlook on life and providing for their employees and customers. It can be easy to get sucked into all the negative press, which features everything from scandals and accidents to bad customer service. However, there are some businesses out there that aim to help their employees, without shortchanging their clients. Here’s a look at four businesses that are trying to make a difference.

Life is Good

Life is Good was founded by a pair of brothers who sold t-shirts at various markets and fairs. This little business has grown into an international brand that is well recognized all over. Their motto, “Spreading the Power of Optimism” is shown through their merchandise of apparel with positive messages and their promotion of uplifting and kind news stories. Chances are, you’ve seen at least one of their videos on Facebook at one point or another. They also invite people to share their stories of optimism, painting a bright spot in a normally depressing news cycle.


Environmentally-friendly lifestyles have picked up traction in the last few years, especially as people have learned more about how their actions affect the earth. While there are many solutions available, not all of them are legitimate. BioBag is working on “changing the world without changing the earth” by creating fully-compostable bags made from recycled materials. They are currently the leading brand of compostable bags, and they are committed to solving food waste separation issues. They aren’t using this a publicity front to help their business; this is really what they do.

Kyani, Inc

Kyani, Inc may seem to be just another MLM, but it goes beyond that. They have committed themselves to using all-natural, organic ingredients to provide their customers with the best supplements possible. If you read through their labels, you can recognize the ingredients you see. They are well-known health foods, such as blueberries, pomegranate, and kale. Kyani has stated that they want their employees and clients to experience more health, wealth, and life, and they do their best to provide that.


If there is one name on this list that you recognize, it is probably Ikea. Well-known for their low prices, Swedish meatballs, and impossible to pronounce names, Ikea is a go-to furniture store for so many people, but they try to be more than just that. They want “to create a better everyday life of the many people,” by taking care of their employees, having low prices, and contributing to environmental protection, and they have been widely successful at this. It’s no wonder that many people love going to Ikea.

These are just a few of the businesses that are trying to do good things for the world. It’s not always easy to tune out the negative and the scandals, but there are good businesses run by good people out there, and you can find them.