Challenges facing the women of India

India has become a very special place to me and is very close to my heart. I traveled there this past December and think about it everyday. I learned a lot while there; things ranging from what it is like to be a girl in this country to what the Hindu gods stand for. The thing that had the largest impact on me was the girls I got to meet. While here, I got to learn more about the girls my age there and what their life is supposed to look like according to the Indian culture. Reading about crimes against women and hearing personal experiences first hand are both extremely devastating. But I believe this devastating and sad topic is one that needs to get more light shone on it because of the grand issue it is. I began reading all about challenges being faced by women in India and after meeting these beautiful women I have been interested in looking deeper into it. I have started to research about some of the major challenges that women do face and found articles with very interesting and alarming things.

Some challenges that women face in India range from high infant mortality rates, to extremely low literacy rates, to violent crimes against women including rape. A poll has rated India as the “the world’s fourth most dangerous country for a woman, behind only Afghanistan, Congo and Pakistan.” There are notable differences about how girls and boys are treated by their family members and their community.  This can include things from the food they are allowed to eat to their education. Most girls are just brought up to be a housewife to then get married by her teen years and leave home with their new husband and his family. They are born into a constant cycle of discrimination and being considered as a lesser individual. In fact, an article I found says, “From the time they are born — or not born — and continuing till late in life when they become wives or mothers, it’s a vicious cycle . of discrimination, and violence keeps on continuing.”

There have been several reports of rape and other violent crimes against women and there are more than likely thousands that go unreported or unnoticed. Some really alarming crimes against women include young girls being raped by groups of men and then left to deal with their injuries alone. In addition to these crimes, baby girls that do not initially get aborted are left in heaps of garbage because girls are viewed as a burden and can be costly when they must be married away. It is not a privilege to have a little girl here and reading about the amount of women deaths they experience really makes me feel.

Women have been battling against discrimination since the beginning of time. In history, women are viewed as lesser than men. To help combat this issue there have been organizations formed and people speaking out about the injustices and unfairness of the treatment of women, especially in countries like india. It’s encouraging to read about the progress the country is making after reading about all of the awful things that are an everyday thing here. It’s hard to face the reality that these women in the other side of the world deal with such devastating problems simply because they were born a girl but I am left with lots of hope hearing that the problems are improving. In an article I found it talks about how, “Indian women, in some ways, have also made some strides. Literacy rates have gone up, maternal mortality rates have gone down, and millions of women have joined the workforce.” It offers a lot of hope to the women of India that “authorities acknowledge that action is needed and say they are taking steps to try to better protect women.” Acknowledging that there is an issue is the first step to solving or beginning to solve a problem this large.

Challenges facing the women of India
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