What do human rights look like from a Muslim perspective? (VIDEO)

(TFC) – To many Americans, there are stereotypes about Muslims. One of the most common is the belief that Muslims share a single united set of ideological or political beliefs. Those who believe this, most often believe that single set of beliefs is rooted in Sharia law.

This journalist had the opportunity to interview a human rights activist at the recent march in Los Angeles. She has spent years attempting to warn people about the dangers of Sharia law and to protect people from the dangers of ideologies like it. Her organization supports interfaith, interracial, and gay marriages. It also supports ethnic, gender, sectarian, and sexual minorities.

The activist’s name is Ani Zonneveld. Her organization is Muslims for Progressive Values. Yes, you read that correctly, Muslims in support of practices that are controversial to the American ring-wing. Ani’s organization makes a case for a difference between Sharia and Sharia Law. She actively speaks out for those whose voices go unheard or are in a country where they can’t speak freely.

Today Zonneveld added what might be a huge wrinkle for those determined to paint all Muslims with the same brush.

“We do not need an American Christian Sharia Law, people. There’s no difference between Christians getting voted in based on their Christian values and legislating for the rest of us. That is the same BS as the Muslim Sharia Law.”