Hawaii Emergency Management Chief Resigns Over False Missile Alert

(Sputnik) – “Miyagi, a respected military leader and honorable man, has taken full responsibility for the incident of January the 13th and the actions of all his employees,” Logan said on Tuesday. “He submitted his letter of resignation to me this morning and I have accepted that resignation effective today.”

Logan said in connection to the incident that one employee was terminated on Friday, one employee resigned before any disciplinary action was taken, and an employee is in the process of being suspended without pay.

Governor of Hawaii David Ige said during the press conference on Tuesday that the agency will implement changes required to prevent a similar incident from happening again.

On January 13, it took Hawaii authorities at least 38 minutes to retract an emergency telephone text notice of an inbound ballistic missile that ended with the words, “this is not a drill.”

Hawaii is well within range of ballistic missiles developed by North Korea, which has threatened to arm rockets with nuclear warheads to attack the United States.

Originally published by Sputnik