4 Alternatives to High School You Should Consider for a Struggling Child

(TFC) – If your child isn’t adjusting well to high school, they aren’t alone. In fact, plenty of other kids have the same issues. The truth is, traditional high school just isn’t for everyone. Fortunately, there are options available for these kids, so you can rest easy knowing that they’ll still be able to succeed, just not through traditional schooling.

Online School

Today, there are a large variety of programs for students to take a few or all of their required courses online. These programs are known as virtual schools because students communicate with their teachers and other students entirely online. Students follow the program’s lesson plan, submit assignments, take quizzes, and tests, just like they would in a regular classroom environment, but without ever leaving their home.

Boarding School

Regardless of your reasons for choosing boarding school, any boarding school can be a great choice for some kids. Because students are away from their families, they are forced to become more self-reliant, which helps them grow into mature and responsible adults more easily. If your teen is struggling with a normal environment, there are boarding schools that specialize in helping them with coping strategies while giving them a sense of normalcy. Also, boarding schools are known for having smaller classes, which not only makes for a better learning environment, but it also makes for forming lifelong friendships with other students.


For a child who functions best at home and works best by themselves, homeschooling is a great high school alternative to look into. In these situations, many kids are self-taught, taught by their parents, or taught by private tutors. For this reason, kids can learn at their own pace, which is huge. If homeschooling sounds like a good fit for your family, you’ll want to check out resources and homeschool groups in your area.

Alternative High Schools

Alternative high schools can be a great choice if your child is having trouble staying interested in the subjects being taught. Many of these privately funded programs educate students in a way that show them how important subjects relate to their special interest or passion. There are lots of alternative schools throughout the country, so look and see if there are any close to you.

As you can see, there are plenty of choices available for students struggling a lot with high school. Instead of pushing your child through a system that may not be meant for them, you can help them find a better system that may help them realize their dreams and educate them in the best way possible.