Low-Level Government Jobs that Actually Get Work Done

(TFC) – Working for the government is an ideal way for activist-minded people to engage in an exciting career and earn a sustainable income. Government jobs are available on a state and federal level and include numerous entry-level opportunities. Taking a civil service exam, which may be found on federal government job information sites, such as USA.gov, can provide a great first step in the right direction. In addition to taking a civil service exam, it is essential to consider your passions, your experiences, and your career goals. Combining this information on a piece of paper can help you to develop an employment path that has a solid foundation.


Entry-level Government Jobs in Healthcare

Low-level, or entry-level, jobs in government healthcare can include working at a county health department. Positions in this type of facility may consist of reception work, nursing work, or being employed as an administrator, community liaison, or an epidemiologist. Epidemiologist jobs typically require a bachelor’s degree in epidemiology, biology, or another related field. Community liaisons, admin assistants, receptionists, and entry-level executive workers are frequently hired based on education and work experience.

Even without a graduate degree, individuals with excellent references and a solid working record in a relative field stand a high chance of being a top candidate for a beginning healthcare job with the government. Other government health care jobs at an entry level may also be found through local social service programs, advocacy centers, state representatives’ offices, and through the Department of Health and Human Services.


Government Jobs in the Political Industry and the Court Sector

Gaining a foothold in the political industry is a helpful first step for individuals who are seeking to bring about lasting change for the greater good. Whether a person is interested in promoting better educational programs on a state or federal level, or an individual wants to see child advocacy laws and benefits increased, entering the political field can lead to numerous opportunities for impact and employment options.

Working on a task force for a state attorney general, serving in a county court, or serving as a paid intern with the governor’s office can be options for entry-level government positions. Individuals with accounting degrees, fine arts degrees, and grad degrees in English or political science may find multiple employment options available. To increase chances of getting hired, to have a history of volunteering or belonging to civic clubs or groups strengthens a resume.

Clerical and Data Entry Jobs

People with little work experience and without an advanced degree may find that pursuing an administrative or data entry job is a convenient way to begin an exciting career with the government. If you’re just graduating from high school, or if you’re returning to work after an extended period of being unemployed, pursuing a data entry job can be a great way to begin working for the government.

On both a state and federal level, data entry and clerical positions are needed for multiple offices. These offices may include probation and parole, social services, prisons, court systems, and medical data and billing processing.


Beginning a New Career Path

Starting out on a new career path can be a fun and challenging time when looked at from the right perspective. It’s important to take one step at a time, make a to-do checklist of actions you can use to meet goals, and research to discover all your options. Gaining a degree, brushing up on data entry skills, and learning about the policies of government industries you are pursuing is a fantastic way to begin your new job journey with confidence. These are just a few examples of ways to increase the potential for finding the perfect job for your current employment pursuit.