Undercover Israeli Police/Military Hitting Palestinian Protest Ranks Hard

Israel/Gaza, (TFC)Reports are indicating an Israeli police operation infiltrated a Palestinian protest, dispersing the crowd with gunfire to the air. The protests were part of an ongoing series of resistance actions following President Donald Trump moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, declaring it Israel’s capital. This most recent action by Israeli authorities signifies a new turn in the unrest.

Numerous onlookers and journalists present at the protest snapped pictures of the agents, holding pistols to the air while snatching Palestinian protesters. The men, sources including Telegraph UK report, wore garb common for Palestinian protesters including Arab scarfs, and pro-Palestinian propaganda clothing. Protests erupted in the Palestinian region Ramallah following President Donald Trump’s controversial Jerusalem order.

According to The Sun, the undercover agents sprang their ambush as Israeli soldiers closed in on the protest. After the men fired pistol shots into the air and deployed smoke grenades, the soldiers swiftly cleared the area. Israeli officials claim the protest was violent, with participants throwing stones and setting tires ablaze. Pictures of US President Donald Trump, including one with his face graphed onto a toy pig, were also burned.

Although little is known about the Israeli undercover unit, Palestinians call them mustarabeen. It essentially means someone who disguises themselves as Arabs. Telegraph UK also speculates the men were from an Israeli border-police unit called Yamas. Such units have frightening reputations among Palestinians, from disappearing people to profound brutality. In 2015, footage of an undercover Israeli soldier shooting an already restrained Palestinian in the leg at point-blank range went viral. Although it’s unclear if Yamas was involved in this incident, as it’s just one of an undetermined number of such units.

The men held guns to the heads of captured protesters and photographers before turning detainee’s over to the military. About three Palestinians were injured in the protests, and four have died to date since the clashes began. Three Palestinians, sources report, were arrested from the original group. The Fifth Column News has also covered the arrest and disappearance of Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi, who’s been targeted by Israeli entities in the past.

Image Source: CHRISTOPHER DOMBRES, Flickr, Creative Commons

More clashes have occurred even since this event, injuring dozens of people at a time and even taking life. Images reputedly showing Israeli soldiers detaining and dragging away a Palestinian teen with crutches also are circulating. Trump’s Jerusalem order was challenged by the UN, forcing the US to veto the United Nations. Critics including Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas decried Trump’s veto as further destabilizing the region.

US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, Guardian reports, stated the US “will not be told by any country where we can put our embassy.” Her statements continue an ongoing pattern of authoritative tendencies by this administration. How long will the destabilization process continue for the sake of the Trump Administration’s bravado?