Make Death Meaningful with Post-Mortem Donations

Make Death Meaningful with Post-Mortem Donations

The end of one’s life is a time for bittersweet reflection. It can also be a time of great charity. Post-mortem donations are a lovely way to leave an impact on the world, even after your time in it has come to an end.

Financial Donations

There are many ways to proffer a monetary gift after you have passed. You can hire a lawyer to tend to any willed amounts you have decided to leave. Likewise, you can find a trusted friend or family member to act as the curator of your estate by giving them power of attorney. Whatever way you chose, it is important that you know what means of raising money are available to you beyond that which you already possess.

If you have no children, or your children are well-off such that they won’t need your home as a real estate inheritance, you might consider taking out a reverse mortgage. This is where you sell the property you own back to the bank for an agreed upon sum of money. You get your life’s stay in the house, the value of the property (which you can leave to your charity of choice), and the house then becomes property of the bank upon your death. Another good way to raise money for a post-mortem donation is to sell your active life insurance policy. You can extend your charity to others by asking that mourners make a donation in your name to your preferred recipient, as well.

Gift of Life

In death, you have the opportunity to give someone else a second chance. By donating organs and tissue you can help someone in desperate need get the miracle they’ve been hoping for after a tragic incident or disease. There are also monetary gains to be had through the selling of your body to science. Various hospitals and universities will pay you to do this, and it allows up-and-coming surgeons to practice their skills for the benefit of others.

Worthy Causes to Consider

Post-mortem donations are a deeply generous act. Raising money to compliment your savings can increase your gift, while bodily donations can save lives. Talk to those you trust about this important topic.