8 Tips to Make Money With Your Travel Blog

(TFC) – Traveling the world seems like an impossible dream job for many people. You dream of being a nomad flying from continent to continent, exploring ancient ruins, soaking up the sun on a tropical beach, and immersing yourself in cultures from around the world. That’s not such an impossible dream though. One of the best ways to travel the world for a living is to write a travel blog. Creating a website and writing a travel blog is pretty easy, but monetizing it is a little more of a challenge. If you’re unsure how you can make money from your blog, here are eight tips that can help you out.



The most common way travel bloggers make money on their blogs is through ad revenue. Many of these ads appear on the sidebar of the blog. The most common advertising program used by bloggers is AdSense, which shows viewers ads based on their preferences or recent searches online. Many travel bloggers also contact specific companies directly, offering ad space for the company’s services. This can be a great move for a niche blog if you know of companies who market specifically to your audience.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable ways to make money from travel blogging. Bloggers promote a company, product, or service and receive a commission if a viewer purchases anything using your link. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money if you already have a loyal following, who will purchase goods you recommend. With affiliate marketing, always make sure you’re promoting an organization you trust, because you don’t want your credibility with your audience to be damaged.


Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are another way to make money from travel blogs. Companies may contact you asking you to review a product or a service of theirs on your blog in exchange for being paid. Many travel companies or boards may also offer you a free trip in exchange for blog posts highlighting your experience and promoting them. Similar to affiliate marketing, only do this for products and services you truly recommend and be honest about your experiences.


Search Engine Optimization

Incorporating SEO keywords into your blog posts allows your blog to appear higher in the search engine results, which allows more people to find your blog. According to The Search Engine Optimization Expert, “great copywriting has a direct impact on SEO success.” When you have well-written content, you’ll rank higher on Google for people searching for things relating to your blog. This means that more people who are interested in your blog will find it, which in turn leads to a higher audience and more chances of revenue through your other monetizing efforts.


Writing an eBook

Many travel bloggers also write ebooks based on their blog, expanding on popular posts or addressing a topic much too large to fit succinctly into one blog post. Publishing an eBook is a fairly simple process and can provide you with a passive income. Write on topics you’re familiar with and extremely knowledgeable about. If you’re a female, you could write a book about tips for female travelers. While that topic works for a blog, it’s also a huge topic for someone with experience in it, and could easily make for a useful book. The same goes for planning trips, country guides and more. Every travel blogger has an area of travel they excel at, whether it’s a region, logistics, or something else. Provide tips via an ebook based on that area of expertise and help others.


Social Media

Social media is another tool you can use to make money with your blog. Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are great places to post pictures of your travels, and it will help increase your follower account and get more engagement on your blog. Many companies will pay you to post sponsored posts on your social media accounts once you get a decent following. You can also sell the photos you post on social media to websites like 500px Prime and Shutterstock.



Once you have experience blogging, consulting is another great way to make money from your blog. You can take your experience and knowledge about the blogging business to help others. You can give other bloggers advice on content, strategy, and marketing to make a profit on their own. Coaching is also a great way to make money, and you’ll be able to help other bloggers optimize goals and strategies to grow and monetize their own blogs. Be sure to have a section of your blog that advertises any services you provide so potential clients know they can come to you for help with their blog.


Travel Planning

While you’re not a travel agent, as you travel more, you learn about certain parts of the world and the best sights to see. If you enjoy the planning and logistics portion of traveling, you could advertise travel planning as a service you provide. If you don’t want to do all the planning yourself, it could be more advice-based, where you look over the current plans and offer changes based on your experience. Many people trust more experienced travelers, and getting that extra help could make the difference between an epic disaster or a major success.


There are numerous ways you can make money through your travel blog. These eight tips are just the beginning of what you can do. By experimenting with these and trying others, you’ll be well on your way to living your dream.