Transactivists attack feminists at meeting in London

Charlie Rae covers the dark side of transactivism once again in this story of violence.

On September 13th, a feminist meeting was supposed to take place at New Cross Learning. The meeting was called “What is gender?” and was led, in part, by a transwoman, Miranda Yardley. When transactivists learned about this talk, a group called Action for Trans Health London created an event on Facebook to attack the free speech of feminists, and physically attack feminists themselves. This was allegedly organized by Goldsmith Student Union President Eva Crossan Jory who has not responded to The Fifth Column for comment.

In this footage of the attack, you can witness first-hand the unprovoked attack on a 60 year old grandmother and Humanist Maria MacLachlan. She was punched by young, male transactivists. Notice how transactivists chant “when TERFs attack, we fight back,” but are clearly the ones doing the attacking. At 0:28 you can also see another male aggressively confront and walk towards a woman who backs away and puts her guard up. They believe in self defense from non existent threats, but not that attacking people unprovoked is this same threat they invented to oppose. This is Orwellian doublethink: the acceptance of or mental capacity to accept contrary opinions or beliefs at the same time, especially as a result of political indoctrination.

This violent rhetoric coming from transactivists is not new, but they vehemently position themselves as victims when transactivists’ calls for violence against women are rampant.

Further, if you know this whole story, the logic and violence that is coming with it will not shock you. The feminists who held the meeting knew it was coming. The original venue New Cross Learning cancelled the meeting because of how much concern they had about health risks (ironically being directed by a group that claims it’s for health-Action for Trans Health). They specifically said in their release that their decision was “not due to outside pressure but [was] purely taken for health & safety reasons.”

Transactivists took to Facebook and their group to celebrate a feminist talk being shut down for health and safety reasons. The Goldsmiths Society page itself hailed the shut-down as a success of “putting pressure” on organizers. It was their intention to scare feminists, and they were happy when they succeeded. The message is clear: the only peoples health they care about are transpeople and their comrades.

That wasn’t the end of it, though.

The transactivists found out that the location had been changed, and went back into fight-mode. One alleged recollection of the event posted on Facebook stated, “I followed Venice (the organiser) and some others who were walking over to the venue in a group. I was with my comrade. I was concerned that the event would go ahead at the secret location and wanted to make sure it was disrupted. They led us in circles, called cabs, dispersed but a friend and I found them at the University Women’s Club in Audley Square, W1.”

The activists stalked the organizers and the women who were trying to meet as the women took precaution and tried to avoid the confrontation being aimed at them. Transactivists stayed throughout the meeting and the feminists inside reported that transactivists had surrounded the venue.

The transactivists involved in this attack were vocal about their intentions when the venue was New Cross Learning, when it was shut down, and online before, during, and after their Action for Trans Health event. Even though they have said several times that they it wasn’t a violent protest, one of the members of Action for Trans Health London, Tara Flik Wood, posted that he wanted to “fuck some terfs up”, and the Action for Trans Health group itself “heart-reacted” to it. This points to the fact that Action for Trans Health and its leadership not only knew that they were inciting violence, but were happy to be inciting it. This all led to men attacking women for attempting to speak.

Their threats became reality yesterday when transactivists targeted Mac and assaulted her, which was recorded. One attacker can also be seen smashing her camera and therefore destroying her property.

After the attack, transactivists couldn’t help but celebrate and pat themselves on the back for scaring and attacking women who wanted to have a talk about gender. One activist posted his support of punching feminists in offering a “bounty” for anyone who punches a feminist in the future.

The feminists who organized and attended the event have reported that the police were called on-site, but that no arrest has been made. As transactivists continue their rhetoric of violence, public silence tells them that their violence against women is

supported. Speak out against this new and “edgy” form of male violence, and urge your new sources to do the same.


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